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Oct 14   Lee Mead Specials!

Credit/ Essex Trading Standards

Lee Mead made a few very special appearances recently - the first in PSA for Rogue Traders, with a "behind the scenes" snippet . . . . 

. . . . and the second is an absloutely hilarious special guest spot playing himself on an episode of Motherland. (Let's see if anyone of us can identify with the "Meadmushed" character. *snicker*) We even have the full episode available for download. Enjoy!

2019-10-11 Motherland, S2E4, The Purge (Lee bits) 

Jul 17 Concert Reviews!!!!

Have you been waiting for concert reviews from Lee's current "My Story" tour? Well, so have we! And we have three of them to share from Jane W - Enjoy them all at the link below.

Photo of Lee and Beverley Humphries tweeted by Beverley prior to show at Whitley Bay.

Photo Credit: @worldofmusicBBC

Sep 30 Journey back to the Pheasantry . . . 

Don't you just love the sort of review that transports you to the event and makes you feel you are sitting front row centre? Well, Jane W's Pheasantry review does just that! Join us on three warm summer evenings in August, sitting amid good friends, a great band on stage . . . and Lee Mead . . . 

Next Appearance
Jul 15 BBC South East

Yes, he can sing! 

This is a lovely interview ahead of the next concert.

Credits BBC South East

Apr 27  James Martin's Saturday Morning

Lee Mead, food and wine - sounds like a perfect Saturday morning.

Credits ITV

My Story.jpg
Lee Mead - My Story Tour 2019
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