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Lee Mead welcome to Casualty on Meadaholics

Welcome to A&E at Holby! Normally there's a boring wait in the A&E but Nurse Lofty is here to help. Links for all Casualty clips below!

Casualty Triage
lee mead on casualty meet lofty
 Series 28

BBC1 Saturday nights - Where Lofty 'drops' into our TV lives - literally! 

See his bumbling beginnings and fall in love with this lovable, sometimes clumsy, but heart-of-gold character.

Credits BBC/ Casualty

Credits BBC/ Casualty

 Series 29 

Lofty continues to show his sensitivity and empathy in treating the already traumatized patients - and proves to be a valuable member of the A&E team.

Credits BBC/ Casualty

 Series 30 

By now, Lofty is well established in the ED - he's just got a promotion!  And who can forget the Lofty/Dylan bromance?  Watch now as we see him in his few remaining episodes of 2016....


Goodbye Lofty!

Take a look at Lofty's highs and lows, as he bids a fond farewell to the ED.

Credits BBC/ Casualty

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