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         Lee Stephen Mead


Not that this page needs explaining, but if you're new to all things Mead this is the place to start. Discover how he came to the forefront of British entertainment on the ADWD Story, then follow his career through his Biography. Find out about his music and whatever else he's up to .... it's all here....

if we can keep up with him :)

LEE Meadia

See Lee in action - his most memorable performances on film

Get to know Lee, once you've discovered how we discovered him!

Has it really been that long ago when a gorgeous, curly-headed young man with an amazing voice captivated the UK and beyond?

Walk down memory lane in the Summer of 2007 with this re-cap of the series that introduced

Lee Mead to the UK and then to the world.

 Lee Mead & Stephen Rahman-Hughes 'Both Sides Now'

Both Sides Now


Evolving from the West End Men, these 2 became the best of friends and have ventured out on a new musical project together 'Both Sides Now'. Stephen Rahman-Hughes also a talented West End Veteran brings his bubbly personality and Jazz tones to this joint gig to compliment Lee's soulful song styling.


Look out for their continued collaboration from time to time!

Lee Mead west end men on Meadaholics

All Credits

When not pursuing his own acting career, planning his new album and performing in concerts, he'll take on other projects - The West End Men was a dynamic show, with beautifully arranged vocals from top male West End leading men, Stephen Rahman-Hughes (Rock of Ages, Bombay Dreams) and Ramin Karimloo (Phantom, Les Mis), among other guests.

See the fantastic review under 'Experiences' and have a look back at the exciting trailer!

Lee's Concerts

Thankfully, Lee continues to make live performance a priority. Check out his latest concert tour at this link:


2018 - Lee Mead 

           10 Year Anniversary

Lee toured with the release of this cd throughout 2018. It is a compilation of many favorites from his concert tours since the "beginning" of ADWD.

Released in February, 2018, it is available on Amazon.

Lee Mead 10 years anniversary

Photo credit/

Nicky Johnston

2016 - Some Enchanted Evening

Another Collaboration with Mason Neely, this time on the classics from the golden MGM film era. The Album was  released February 2016 and is available on Amazon.

Lee Mead Some Enchanted Evening Album

Photo credit/

Hamish Brown

2012 - Love Songs

Lee took over production of his third studio album, working with his brilliant musical director, Mason Neeley to craft his most intimate and personal album so far. We fell in love all over again!

Lee Mead love album on Meadaholics

Photo credit/

Hamish Brown

2009 - Nothing Else Matters

He astonished us anew with his second studio album in which he continued to hone his unique sound and included two co-written original songs, among our favourite tracks.

Lee Mead Nothing Else Matters album

Photo credit/

Hamish Brown

2007 - Lee Mead

His debut album, featuring his stunning voice on a new arrangement of 'Paint it Black' among other classics and a new song from Gary Barlow. As always, his way of interpreting each song blew us away

Lee Mead first album

Photo credit/

John Balsom

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