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Lee Mead welcome to Casualty on Meadaholics

The new-look site and content has been quite an undertaking and needed a team of dedicated Lee fans to get it up and running all while a certain person keeps adding to his repertoire! It's keeping us on our toes, so meet the team , we're all confirmed Meadaholics , and please contact us if you have any questions at

Editor in Chief. Lin Boniti. California


Watch out the US of A! This lady is pretty formidable and has slipped quite easily into this role, as long as it comes with a Martini around 5pm ...  we like her style :)


She'll be championing Lee Mead International (check out the Editor's blog) and we love her... though we are a tad annoyed she lives in Sunny SoCal!

Lee Mead and Lin Boniti from Meadaholics
Content Manager. Susan Burchell Waite. West Sussex

Some people have the toughest jobs, go unrecognized or thanked and do the whole shebang with the biggest smile. That's our Sue, and why she's nicknamed 'Sunny', so you'll find her around the place as 'Sunny-mead'. And she does just what it says on her badge!

Lee Mead and Sue Waite from Meadaholics
News & Instagram Reporter. Leanne Falconer. London 


When you need to send someone in to do a job.... it's Leanne. Our new News hound hunts the web and the gigs to come up with material, we made her watch Lee run the Half Marathon via a phone app to digitally track his progress - that's dedication :)

Lee Mead and Leanne Falconer from Meadaholics
Charity and Social Media Coordinator. Joan Lankford. London 


Don't mess with Joan... this lady is the UK Queen of Lee Mead Promotion. No one, and I mean no one stands a chance against her charming offensive in the name of all things Mead. So there isn't a better qualified lady to undertake charitable concerns. Open your purse & smile when she asks you to support your addiction.

Lee Mead and Joan Lankford from Meadaholics
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