Feb 28

Joseph At The Palladium - 2019


It's just been announced that Sheridan Smith will be the narrator. Interesting choice.

How do you mean “interesting”? 🙂

She's a really good actress (both theatre and TV), but not a typical 'Musical Theatre' voice (which they usually have for the Narrator in Joseph). She's very much a 'name' though, so she'll get bums on seats.

Mar 1

I've seen her in quite a few things. Each time I thought she was a brilliant actress but just an ok singer. The Narrator needs to be so much more than ok.

Mar 13

I've just seen the announcement that Jason Donovan will be playing Pharoah.

Mar 13

Just seen that Olly Murs is in talks for the role of Joseph! He's a singer and TV personality (he's a coach on 'The Voice'). No acting experience as far as I know.

Mar 13

Oh, apparently, Olly is denying it...🤣

Mar 19

Well, they've named the new Joseph .... Jac Yarrow (no, me neither!), an Arts Ed graduate! It's on Twitter, look up Baz's tweets - @bazbam - (sorry, haven't the foggiest how to do a link on here!). Looks like a nice lad, but not for me.

Mar 19

I've just seen the announcement. I thought ALW was into 'poppy' Josephs (that young man isn't blonde or a pop star)! That being said, his search for a 'young, poppy' Joseph didn't exactly go to plan in 2007, thanks to the Great British Public having a rare attack of good taste!😂

Mar 20Edited: Mar 20

Here's the tweet for you Liz




May 31

The Joseph cast just performed on 'Britain's Got Talent'.



Oh dear...Sheridan struggled with the bit she did, so how is she going to cope with doing an entire show (the narrator hardly leaves the stage)? Jason Donovan sounded nothing like Elvis, and vocals weren't good. The Joseph can sing, but his voice is too 'classical' for the role (I was reminded of Keith when he was in ADWD) and he looks so young! Also, I'm really not keen on Joseph's coat - I much preferred the one Lee wore!

Jun 1Edited: Jun 2

Not sure about this not to my taste. 😕

Looks like I,m not the only one not impressed, a lot comments on the BGT FB page.


Jun 20

There's an article in the Evening Standard about the men who've played Joseph in the West End.



Interesting bit in the blurb about Lee - apparently, he won the public vote in ADWD almost every week and was in the top three throughout! If true, I'm impressed!


There are also photos of the WE Joes in the gallery - Nos 7, 11 and 13 are particularly pleasing! I love 13!😍

Jul 11

Press Night for this production tonight. I remember following the Press Night stuff for the 2007 production, and getting very nervous when I saw online that the revolve had broken down (a moment brilliantly captured in Lee's 'Winner's Story' documentary).

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