May 4

Loftys Back


Edited: May 17

Lofty is back at Holby on the 14th may😊 The link has Spoilers




May 14

Well, Lofty's return was...intense! I knew it was going to be a tough watch, and it certainly was! When Lofty was sobbing in the car at the end...😢

Can Lofty redeem him self now Isaac has made a reappearance ?


May 17

Isaac's face when Dom tells him that the man in blue scrubs is his husband! You can almost see the cogs turning in his twisted brain!🤔


Incidentally, I found a 'present' emoji which seems oddly appropriate, given that all this kicked off because of a small, gold-wrapped package!🎁

May 22Edited: May 22

Dark times for Lofty & Dom trailer 2019-05-28 HC S21 E22 Bloodline


May 22

Is Isaac going to target Lofty? I loved the moment last night when Lofty refused to shake Isaac's hand. Though the scene with Lofty and Dom in the On Call room was so sad. Lofty just wants to talk.

May 22

It was very tense last night in Holby City. I really hope that Isaac doesn't play his horrible mind games with Dom. ( you would have thought that Dom knows better after all he has been through). However it could be the right time for Lofty to prove that "Love changes everything" .

May 28

Who is looking forward to tonight's HOLBY?

Will Dom and Lofty want to mend their relationship ?

Will Isaac try to manipulate and bully Lofty?


I would love to see Lofty's dominate side...... #Phew now there's a thought to keep me going until 8pm.


May 28

I certainly am! I think Isaac will start targeting Lofty. There's a clip from this week's ep where Isaac (in front of Dom) asks Lofty about previous boyfriends. Creepy!

May 28

Blimey, that was...intense! Isaac was downright creepy!

Well...Isaac really hates Lofty! He certainly didn't hold back about him, which (fortunately) told Dom all he needed to know about Isaac! Unfortunately, Isaac is going to go after Lofty now!


I can't believe that Isaac said that Lofty had a perm!🤣

Next weeks clip is intense


It is! "Admit're wrong for him!" Isaac is so nasty!

Is there a little clue in Holby City summer promo. video? Did Lofty cheat with a lady in America??

I think so. I wonder why she's followed him all the way to the UK?

She didn't seem to have an American accent. Perhaps she's British and just doesn't want to loose him.(Sensible girl!) Just hope she isn't pregnant!!!

Jun 11

Blimey, what an ep! Talk about intense!

There's no Holby City on Tuesday July 2 due to live coverage of the Women's World Cup. This episode will air next Tuesday, July 9, at 8pm on BBC1. Followed by Lofty returns to Holby Wednesday the 10th July 8pm


Jul 10

Well, tonight's ep certainly filled in a few of the blanks regarding Lofty's cheating! He left Helen with a souvenir of their encounter in Vegas! I wonder when (I say when because he's bound to find out at some point!) he'll find out? Also, Helen met Sheilagh out in Vegas - I wonder whether Granny Chiltern knew what her grandson was getting up to with his new friend?

Oh Dom has told Carole about Baby Chiltern, how long before Lofty finds out? I hope it's via Dom breaking the news rather than Carole inadvertently blurting it out!


The Strictly Curse got a mention!😂


Also, I loved Lofty's impression of Ric!😂

Aug 13

Dom and Lofty were on great form in tonight's ep. Loved the line from Lofty about being late for work because Dom ambushed him in the shower!😂

Aug 14

Yep That's the line that kept whirring around in my head all night long.

Aug 27Edited: Aug 27

An interview with a Holby producer about what's to come for Dom and Lofty.


Oct 22

So the cat's finally out of the bag. Lots of angst and soul searching, and, I suspect, more to come. Will Lofty finally open up about his family?

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