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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat  

 Adelphi Theatre,

London 2007-09


 Joseph. Jan  2009. Adelphi Theatre. London 

Muck-Up Matinee

by: Toni


The story begins at Saturday lunchtime in Maiden Lane . . .

Prior to the show Maiden Lane was just the most amazing

atmosphere as we all waited to pay tribute to the man who

has come to mean so much to us . . .

Lee Mead mushed on Meadaholics

Mead-mushed adj. To feel weak knee'd, lightheaded and speak incoherently in the presence of ...

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Final Evening Show

by: Toni


. . . In my seat, row C right in the middle, the lady behind me said

‘I don’t know if I’m ready for this.'  I dabbed my eyes with my tissue

and willed myself not to cry YET again, for my head was still throbbing 

from the matinee. Get a grip!!!! . . .

Photo credit: Rug/ Joseph Photos 

Close up and personal from the old website 

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