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Credit/ Essex Trading Standards

Many of us know someone who’s fallen prey to rogue traders. It may even be a family member. And while it’s true that many victims are isolated and vulnerable, even the most streetwise and confident of us can be susceptible. In Essex, over the past 18 months there have been more than a hundred reports of doorstep incidents which have led to financial loss to residents, often on a repeat basis.

2019-10-11 Motherland, S2E4, The Purge (Lee bits) 

Ready for Nov 

The Royal Hippodrome Theatre
Eastbourne, East Sussex
Fri 08th Nov  7.30pm
The Town Hall
Loughborough, Leicestershire
Sat 09th Nov 7.30pm
Civic Theatre
Chelmsford, Essex
Sun 10th Nov 7.30pm

2019-02-24 Megan Clifton BBC SUSSEX & SURREY

Megan Clifton sits in for Amanny Mo

talking to Lee Mead


Megan Clifton sits in to bring you our weekly

look at arts, comedy, culture and films.

2019-03-02 SouthWaves Theatre Jamie Dyer

Lee Mead: My Story Interview

Jamie talks to Actor & Singer Lee Mead about his tour, Lee Mead: My Story, which is coming to The Capitol Theatre in  Horsham on 24th March 2019


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2016-10-23 BBC Radio London Gaby Roslin

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'Behind the Scenes' of the 'Nothing Else Matters' video


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 But you can read about it here.

News December 2016
News December 2016

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