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2013 - 14 ROBIN HOOD Plymouth

Skin Tight Green Velour Alert!

What followed was great singing, dancing, acting, and swordplay by our man. (Oh and everybody else didn’t do too badly either!) All too soon the predatory Webster was slain (I felt so sorry for people with phobias of spiders knowing how I’d feel if a giant fish started swooping towards me!). And we had to wait for more till the interval was over. After what seemed a very long twenty minutes, the music started again, and after a short while, our man was back. Brilliant as ever right up till that last moment when the curtain came down on our man, and his posh Earl of Loxley togs.


Everybody was good in the show but here are a few special mentions, saving the best till last...


NIGEL HAVERS AS SHERIFF OF NOTTINGHAM A very bad man indeed but so well-acted – being evil and amusing takes some doing but Nigel managed it. His telling Marion “He can’t speak to you because he’s DEAD” as if he was speaking to a slightly foolish five-year-old really amused me. One slight criticism, his singing voice was drowned out by the orchestra which was a shame as his song was quite funny although heavily censored from when I heard it on Comic Relief. He was good interacting with the audience and his “you said no, didn’t you?” to the audience when they were all shouting to Robin not to drink the ‘wine’ was delightfully devious, trying to get them to shout “yes.” Good sword-fighting too but not quite as fast as our main man’s. Which is why he lost, hee hee.















LEE AS ROBIN HOOD And so we come to the icing on the cake. Lee was brilliant in this role. He countered Maid Marion’s girlie soppiness with romantic hero soppiness delightfully with just the right amount of tongue in cheek. He danced like a professional and sang like – well, like only Lee can. He was athletic, swinging about on wooden poles, sliding down a large electronic elephant – try saying that when you’ve had too much wine – and sword-fighting like one of the Musketeers. He made us believe Robin was idealistic and naïve with the Sheriff in Act 2, rather than stupid, and I can only add to the people on this forum who’ve already praised his breath control and acting technique in the ‘death’ scenes. He revived wonderfully and went off like a true hero to save Marion. And what about his clever James Blunt imitation? Wow.

Lee Mead and Nigel Havers in robin hood

BOBBY DAVRO AS WILL SCARLETT Bobby Davro’s role as Will Scarlett would have been the high spot of the show for me if Lee hadn’t been in it. It’s not often I find a panto comedian amusing but I looked like a panda after the show because my mascara had run with laughing so much. From his ‘laughing my ass off’ scene with the wonky donkey,

to his irreverent mischief in the scene where the merry men discover that Robin’s been murdered by the Sheriff, to the sheer craziness of Kenny the Kangaroo, Bobby had me in stitches.

Photo credits: Theatre Royal. Plymouth

Photo credits: Theatre Royal. Plymouth

The whole cast were a joy to talk to at the stage door, too.

A wonderful night out, or if you’re spoilt like I was, two nights out! Two last thoughts, how come a twenty minute interval seems to drag by forever and the next hour and a half of the show flies by like lightning? And, if anybody wants to send me a fiver in the post I’ll tell them what the Sheriff REALLY showed to Princess Anne!

Tanith Panic. Jan 2014.

Lee Mead in robin hood on Meadaholics

Video credit: Theatre Royal, Plymouth

 Robin Hood . Dec 2013. Theatre Royal. Plymouth 

FUn, frolics and green velour... it was definitely the season to be jolly!

by: Tanith Panic


My friend likes to get to a theatre nice and early

so we were in the Theatre Royal from 6.30 looking at all the pictures of famous actors who’ve played there, and I thought ‘One day Lee’s picture will be up here too’. All the time I was talking to my friend and having a quick nosy at the programme, I was thinking ‘Is it time yet’? And then it was!

The clever curtain with The Legend of Robin Hood on it moved and, suddenly there were fireworks, there was the Spirit of Sherwood, and then…

there was Lee! Looking handsome as ever in that wonderful low-cut shirt and delightfully clinging trousers,asking if we wanted to go on an adventure with him. Did we?


Of course we did, and off we went.

Lee Mead as robin hood on Meadaholics

Photo credit: Theatre Royal, Plymouth

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