Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Touring 2016

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the Musical

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Farewell to the Perfect Potts . . .

A very special farewell video from Team @ChittyMusical, tweeted by @kbarnsey.

Some farewell tweets to @leemeadofficial from cast and crew . . .

Chitty Chitty Bank Bank cast @kbarnsey

Kathryn Barnes ‏@kbarnesy Sep 16

Happy LAST SHOW @leemeadofficial & @richardwlodge! WONDERFUL Members of Team @ChittyMusical, SO Sad to see you go!

Lee Mead Moillie Melia Redgrave (molliemeliered)

Mollie MeliaRedgrave ‏@molliemeliared Sep 16

Another goodbye to @leemeadofficial such a sad day but beautiful happy memories what a legend

Lee Mead Matt Gillett Joanna Goodwin (@jogoodwin87)

Joanna Goodwin ‏@JoGoodwin87 Sep 16

One last bamboo for @leemeadofficial it's been a pleasure,we will miss you lots have a fabulous last Potts

Joanna Goodwin ‏@JoGoodwin87 Sep 16

Well that was emotional @ChittyMusical people leaving this show never gets easier,we are such a family #TeamWork #TearsInFinale

Richard Lodge ‏@richardwlodge Sep 16

@leemeadofficial Well we finished it together! You are a true gent & a star. It's been an absolute pleasure. Catch up soon in London x

Sam Harrison ‏@Sam_Harrison_ Sep 16

I'm an emotional wreck. So sad to say goodbye to @richardwlodge and @leemeadofficial @ChittyMusical What a gorgeous pair of gentlymen.

Scott Paige Lee Mead (@_ScottPaige)

Scott Paige ‏@_ScottPaige Sep 16

Farewell drinks for this gorgeous man. @leemeadofficial - You are pure gold. What a joy it has been.


Many thanks to Margaret Worrall and to Joan for these fantastic photos of the Chitty cast as Lee says goodbye - and thanks to our own Sunnymead for the audio of his and Andy Hockley's speeches. 

Chitty cast as Lee Mead says goodbye
Lee Mead Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Goodbye
2016-09-18 Lee's Farewell Chitty - Unknown Artist
00:00 / 00:00


Absolute emotional wreck. @leemeadofficial you are such a special man and I will always be your Truly!

Going to miss this man SO MUCH! He's funny, gorgeous and mad as a box of frogs...just the way I like my leading men! 💜 @leemeadofficial

Lee Mead Carrie Hope Fletcher
Cast Farewell to Lee Mead Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


We say goodbye to an incredibly wonderful and lovely man today! 😔💔 gutted! @leemeadofficial we miss you already!

THE Ultimate Re-Cap/Review of CCBB

Act One - Complete with SPOILERS and all the details we love, Jane W's very special review:

Sorry for the cliff-hanger but be sure to check back for Act Two coming soon!

As promised, here is Act Two - just as detailed and riddled with SPOILERS as Act One.  And with . . . . the biggest SPOILER of them all . . .

A Happy Ending!!!!!

Wales Millenium Centre, Cardiff

Lee and Shaun caught up with BBC Radio Wales as Chitty landed in Cardiff. Discussing their wonderful characters and show time experiences! Click below to listen (or listen again)!

2016-08-04 BBC RADIO WALES - Lee Mead
00:00 / 00:00
New Wimbledon Theatre, Wimbledon

The moral of this one is:  Lee Mead + Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is good for what ails . . .

Lee Mead the prfect Caractacus Potts

Jane W traveled to Wimbledon with the unconverted . . . Will Lee measure up to their ideal Caractacus Potts?  Read on to find out:

Lee was traveling in the slow lane, hands-free, and hands-on-the-wheel (*whew* - so many 'hands' - *ahem*) for a conversation with Lexie Carducci at Wandsworth Radio.  And quite a flirty 'Happy Birthday', too.  ;)  Enjoy!

2016-07-14 Wandsworth Radio Lexie Carducci - Lee Mead
00:00 / 00:00
Lyric Theatre, Plymouth

We are so happy to publish a review from Annie S - and this one is definitely full of spoilers!

And we are loving the new trailer from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - here is in its entirety:

Another lovely interview, this time with David Fitzgerald on BBC Radio Devon. Lee talks about Chitty (the Musical and the Car) and being rubbed down (who has that job??? *swoon*) and . . . get ready . . .

A possible return to the West End!!!  Well, talking about it anyway.

Enjoy this edited Lee-only version - and Enjoy Chitty, Plymouth!

2016-06-16 BBC RADIO DEVON David FitzGerald - Lee Mead
00:00 / 00:00
Theatre Royal, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Thanks to Jane W for another fantasmagorical review of Chitty in Newcastle - and we have two versions for you:  With Spoilers and Without Spoilers.  The choice is yours!  Either one, enjoy!

And thanks to Sunny-Mead for editing this lovely BBC Newcastle interview with Ingrid Hagemann. Lee talks Newcastle memories and his favorite Chitty moments - Love the audience reactions.

2016-06-03 BBC_ Newcastle - Lee Mead
00:00 / 00:00

Not too many spoilers in this one, but be forewarned just in case!

Chitty at Newcastle Theatre Royal
a Review by Lin
2-3 June, 2016

Who knew two years ago when my sister and I began to plan a trip to Scotland that Lee Mead would announce he would be starring as Caractacus Potts in a UK tour of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – and that they would be in Newcastle Upon Tyne just as we were concluding our amazing holiday!  One and a half hours by train from Edinburgh – must be a sign, right? 

Well, who needed a sign!  Purchase tickets and figure out the details later, that’s my modus operandi.  :D

Theatre Royal, Nottingham 

'My FIRST Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Review' by Jane W is in!


There are spoilers, these are warned about, so be careful if you don't want to know things about the show. The car flies! Yes, we all know that, but anything else, like Lee's subtle shoulder movements.... well you'll just have to wait until you see the show for yourself!

Click on the PDF icon to download, grab your wine and have a good read :)

BBC RADIO NOTTINGHAM Verity Cowley - Lee Mead
00:00 / 00:00

Credit/ BBC Nottingham

Meadaholics have been very busy, but we've caught up and got this lovely interview to share from BBC Nottingham.

Making curly hair cool, why Chitty is still a classic and the appreciation of fans support.

BBC RADIO NOTTINGHAM Verity Cowley - Lee Mead
00:00 / 00:00
Milton Keynes Theatre 

CCBB - Opening Night Review

by Trudy


Think quite a few of us were literally bouncing like children in our seats waiting for this one, and chewing fingernails in nervous anticipation – Lee back on stage in a musical after what seemed (and was!) several years!


The overture began and Lee appeared on stage – what were we ever concerned about, he makes a brilliant Potts – all the characteristics you'd want him to have, and I'm sure having a young child of his own helps with his interaction with the children.

Photo Credit: @nancystevensMK

Lee did a number of video interviews for local media in Milton-Keynes.


Nancy Stevens MK-FM wrote a lovely review and added a video interview.  Read and watch:

Lee Mead Nancy Stevens MKFM

Lee talks massage - oh, and Chitty - with Aimee Vivian of CapitolFM 

Bedford Today wins first place ribbon for the choicest screenshots - as well as a great interview.

Lee Mead Bedford Today

Photo Credit: Bedford Today