Jan 18

Hi all, I made it to the new Forum


Edited: Jan 18

This is our new home


Jan 19


Having a bit of trouble working it all out - but at least I can post a photo!


Feb 26

Well This looks like a good place to chat about MEAD

Feb 27

Done it after several tries so the old password is no good now to get on the forum you have to create a new one for yourself (password) and click on new site member hope everything goes well on new site Mazza x

Welcome and Well done


Your the first one here, Yes you click sign up and create your own passwords. Also you can edit your profile on the left of you account page.

have fun exploring 😊


Feb 27

Hi everyone - ooh, I have a different username - I was johartuk on the old forum.

Feb 27Edited: Feb 27


Hi Jo

You can change your names in my account on the left Click the edit button and type new name were the name is ❤

Feb 27

Well, I seem to have made it on here. Slight name change - I've been Another Liz since I joined the old Forum and there were loads of Lizzes at that time. Now they seem to have faded away, so it's a bit pointless being 'Another' when there aren't any others around any more!

Feb 27Edited: Feb 27


Hi all welcome

You can change your names in my account on the left Click the edit button and type new name were the name is ❤ ❤

Feb 28

You'll always be "another" to me, Liz. xo :)

Feb 28

And, by the way, how about that banner on the Forum home page??!!!!!! I nearly spit my coffee the first time I saw it - *swoon*

Feb 28

Yes, that banner pic is mighty impressive! Very Rufus Sewell-ish!😍

Nice to see that you are back to your old “self”, johartuk 😉

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