Mar 8

New Forum


Have just signed up.

Mar 8Edited: Mar 8

Well done Jan you made it here 😊

Hope you are finding your way around, if you need any help there are some useful tips in the Forum help but you have to be loged in to see them.

May 17

Hello everyone. I'm very pleased to be part of the Lee Forum.

Welcome the new forum is a bit quiet at the moment, but we hope it will pick up for those not on our other media sites.

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  • After an absence from the site for some time and having seen Lee at Lichfield recently I decided that it would be fun to see what Lee's supporters were up to these days. Logging on was more difficult than I had imagined but I made it so "Hullo all" Ingridx
  • Wonder what his news will be something he has wanted to do ?? anyone remember what he has said racking my brain to remember if he ever mentioned anything on his QA at his shows or interviews so its watch this twitter space !!!!!! Marianne x
  • He was in a group with three other West End performers:- Chris looks so different (in a good way) with the facial hair and glasses. The group sounded great, and they got through to the final!