Sep 30 Journey back to the Pheasantry . . . 

Don't you just love the sort of review that transports you to the event and makes you feel you are sitting front row centre? Well, Jane W's Pheasantry review does just that! Join us on three warm summer evenings in August, sitting amid good friends, a great band on stage . . . and Lee Mead . . . 

Jul 17 Concert Reviews!!!!

Have you been waiting for concert reviews from Lee's current "My Story" tour? Well, so have we! And we have three of them to share from Jane W - Enjoy them all at the link below.

Photo of Lee and Beverley Humphries tweeted by Beverley prior to show at Whitley Bay.

Jul 15 BBC South East

Yes, he can sing! 

This is a lovely interview ahead of the next concert.

Credits BBC South East

Apr 27  James Martin's Saturday Morning

Lee Mead, food and wine - sounds like a perfect Saturday morning.

Credits ITV

Mar 23  Exciting Announcement from Lee Mead

It has been an exciting week of awesome news from Lee Mead and a reunion with an old friend . . . 

Lee mentioned during his current "My Story" tour that he had accepted the position of creative director for Chelmsford City Theatres. Now comes the news that his own production company, Lee Mead Productions Limited, will produce the play "Someone Who'll Watch Over Me" by acclaimed playwright Frank McGuiness - and that he will star in the limited run. You know tickets will go quickly so click on the link below to get yours!

2019 STWOM 2.png
2019 Lee Mead as Adam STWOM.png

Synopsis of the play

And if that weren't exciting enough, BBCRadio2 aired a recently recorded interview with Lee and Graham Norton. What a fun (and a bit silly) duo they are!

2019-03-23 BBCRadio 2 Graham Norton chats to Lee Mead - Unknown Artist
00:00 / 00:00
2019-03-23 Lee Mead .png

Two fantastic radio interviews regarding Lee's new tour . . . 

Mar 4  Lee Mead on Radio
Lee Mead My Story.jpg
2019-02-24 Megan Clifton BBC SUSSEX & SURREY -
00:00 / 00:00
2019-03-02 SouthWaves Theatre Jamie Dyer -
00:00 / 00:00
Feb 26  Intro to the New (Hopefully Improved) Forum

We definitely have a "Need for Mead"! Listen to what else Lee has to say in this lovely interview with Stephanie Hirst

2019-01-25 BBC RADIO LEEDS -
00:00 / 00:00

Credits BBC Radio Leeds

Jan 21  Snow White Panto Review 

Did you miss the panto in far away Aberdeen this year? Well never mind. Jane W has done a wonderfully detailed review that will make it live for you! Yes, it will!

Dec 31  New Year Specials from Lee Mead

What a lovely treat for the New Year - a Don Black special concert featuring Lee Mead, and a Panto review from Jane W! Enjoy, everyone, and cheers to a Very Meady New Year!

2018-12-30 BBC Radio 2 Michael Ball Presents:

An Evening With Don Black (entire show)   Download

Credits BBC Radio 2

2018-12-30 BBC Radio 2 Some of Us Belong To The Stars -
00:00 / 00:00

2018-12-30 BBC Radio 2  An Evening With Don Black ('Some of Us Belong To The Stars')  sung by Lee Mead 

Nov 14 Drought Assistance

This has to be the longest Lofty drought to date! Thank our lucky stars the lovely Jane W has come to the rescue with a truly scrumptious review of Lee Mead and Stephen Rahman-Hughes at Pizza Live in Holborn! Woohoo!!!!! Enjoy!

Oct  20  Cruising with Lee Mead
Lee Mead 2018 Stages festival at sea

What an amazing adventure for those of us able to be on board the Navigator of  the Seas with Stages Festival headlining Lee Mead along with Michael Ball, Beverly Knight, Collabro, John Owen-Jones and many more!

Of course, we were there for Lee. In fact, the entire TeamLMAS was able to be  there - and that does not happen often.


Credits: Stages Festival & Lee Mead

Share the memories with us by clicking Lee's photo.

That will take you to the Stages Festival Cruise page for photos, experiences, and even a few videos.  It will seem like we're still there!

Oct 12 The Isle of Wight, etc, with Lee Mead

Oh, the places you'll go, the people you'll see . . . 

OK, that was the wrong literary reference. This one is actually a Magical Mystery Tour courtesy of Jane W - and including many Beatles song title references along the way. Enjoy finding them all (we count 32, not including 'Blackbird') and enjoy following Lee Mead on Tour!

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Many thanks to Margaret Worrall for this fantastic photo of the Chitty cast as Lee says goodbye - and thanks to our own Sunnymead for the audio of his and Andy Hockley's speeches.