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Lee Mead craigynos castle
Lee Mead Some Enchanted Evening Tour on meadaholics

News and Reviews, Interviews and Photos of the concert tour here!!!! 

Please email us with your personal review as we strive to share the Meady love!

 "Some Enchanted Christmas Evening"

        Garrick Theatre, London.

  6th December 2015 - by Jane W 

Lee Mead SEE Xmas
Tour Finale
2016 Oct 31 Very Special Finale to Some Enchanted Evening Tour
Lee Mead SEE Tour

Photo tweeted by: @fashionpansy

Here's a very special review from Jane W that really gives the 'feel' for the night. Enjoy!

Lin M was able to travel from Colorado, USA, (via Iceland!!!) - a very long journey so, of course, she had to be at all three of Lee's final concert venues!  Read if it was worth the trip (lol):

Very occasionally along comes a review by a journalist that conveys the magical quality of Lee's concerts - I think all Lee fans were heartened to read this review from Sussex man Paul Lucas Scott who got to see Lee at Tunbridge Wells:

Lee Mead Tweet
Lee Mead Back stage

Repeated due to Gorgeousness!

A lovely end note to the tour!

2016 Oct 23 Taunton, Cheltenham and Telford with Lee Mead

Three opportunities to see the magic of Lee's Enchanted Evenings and we are happy to have this wonderful review of one of them: Cheltenham, by Joan.  

Reviews are always welcome and we'd love to have yours to share here - just email us, or join the discussion on Facebook.

Don't we love it when Lee visits Gaby Roslin on BBC London?

He always seems to have the best time - and she always asks him to sing!  

This time, it's one of our absolute favorites, 'Hushabye Mountain'.

Lee Mead Cheltenham Town Hall @soozworld

Photo tweeted by: @soozworld

And here again is the a capella periscope of Lee, Ben Forster, Sam Bailey and David Hunter singing 'Falling Slowly' - just lovely!

Many thanks to @slondonuk for posting it on Twitter.

2016-10-23 BBC Radio London Gaby Roslin


"King of the North Sea"       @leemeadofficial

2016 Oct 17 Lee Mead Heads North Once Again

If it's the second week in October, Lee must be singing in the North - and, sure enough, Lowestoft, Skegness and Chesterfield were the latest venues for Lee's Concert tour.

Meadaholics Facebook page has some lovely reviews, photos, and even a few concert videos. You don't have to be a member to visit, but we'd love to have you join to chat and share.

Lee Mead King of the North Sea

Here's a short intro to her interview courtesy of @justbriohny

In anticipation of concerts to come a bit further south, here's a video interview with Briohny Williams at BBC South East.

(Thank you to Sunny-Mead for the video thumbnail . . .   *ahem*)


Lee Mead @BBCSouthEast @just briohny

Basia Wilson ‏@basia_wilson

Casualty star Lee Mead @leemeadofficial chatt㏌g to @BBCSouthEast's Presenter @justbriohny about life, tour㏌g & 'Some Enchanted Even㏌g'.

 2016 Oct 12 Leeds and Rhyl - Review!

All we can say about this review from Jane W is, it definitely ends with an "Awwwww!"

A couple of fun radio interviews and this one from So Magazines which gave us this Gor-Geous photo! *swoon*  "An Enchanting Man" - Oh, we agree!!! 

2016-10-09 BBC Radio Suffolk Stephen Foster

BBC Radio Lincolnshire Chris Berrow - Lee Mead
00:00 / 00:00
An Enchanting Man Lee Mead So Magazine
2016 Oct 9 Keeping it Real in Leeds and Rhyl
Lee Mead Some Enchanted Evening in Rhyl

Love the selfie as Lee got ready to go onstage at Varieties Music Hall in Leeds. Those Northern fans were definitely in for a special evening.

Lee Mead and Band Some Enchanted Evening Tour

Lee Mead ‏@leemeadofficial

The new album cover. The boys keeping it real in Rhyl. :D

Lee Mead chats to Richard Stead - he's bringing his tour Some Enchanted Evening to Leeds this week - [and] looks back on the summer season he spent in sunny Bridlington back in the day!

2016-10-04 BBC RADIO LEEDS Richard Stead - Lee Mead
00:00 / 00:00
2016 Oct 3  Concert Tour Begins in Style:
                    Royal Leamington Spa

Judging from comments on Twitter, 'fantastic' seems to perfectly describe the first night of Lee Mead's Some Enchanted Evening concert tour.

It's going to be a busy, busy month and we will try our best to keep up but we'd love your help as well.  Please check our our new Some Enchanted Evening Tour page and email us with any photos and/or reviews you'd like to share.  In the meantime, here's a bit to get us started:

Lee Mead Some Enchanted Evening band


That time again Back on tour with the boys. First night @spacentre !!

2016 Oct 1  More Lovely Lee Mead Chats 

This is a wonderful video interview in which Lee talks about early Essex days, hints of the West End, and lots of Panto.  Oh, and by the way, Some Enchanted Evening Concert Tour! 

Breath-taking shout out to his International fans - love!


And this radio interview includes clips of that beautiful singing voice . . . Too short, but incentive to catch a concert or two . . . or three!

2016-10-01 LBC Radio Steve Allen

Credit/ LBC Radio

2016 Sept 20  Let the Concert Tour Promos Begin! 

What's the best thing about a concert - well, except for the actual concert, of course :) ? It's all the interviews, especially when they are innovative and fun!

Paul Ross on talkRADIO The audio version below is edited for just the Lee bits.

Talk Radio Paul Ross Full Set Breakfast - Lee Mead
00:00 / 00:00

And the second is Lee on 'Lorraine' on ITV - definitely a case of double your pleasure . . .

As he says in the interview, you can find links to book any of Lee's concerts on his website or on the Concerts page of this one.

 Some Enchanted Evening. Theatre Royal, Winchester. 8th November 2015 

by: Jane W


What a wonderful weekend! It started with a fab trip to the West End to see Bend It Like Beckham, and ended with a tremendous concert.


So Bend It Like Beckham then...


Don’t worry, I’m only kidding. Let’s go straight to the main event.


I feel truly blessed having been able to attend so many of Lee's concerts this year. And two in a fortnight! What a treat! I just wish all my friends could be so lucky.


Originally KK and I had planned to go to Winchester together. However, KK had to choose between Winchester and seeing Stephen and Lee at the Pheasantry. She opted for the latter, but, to make sure I wouldn’t be going alone she persuaded J to keep me company instead. (I think J is incredibly grateful, KK!)


J and I met at Waterloo and travelled from London together. We met the gang for dinner. It was great to see P, C, MM, the other J and particularly, after such a long absence, S. The other J had already spotted Mr Mead. I took that as a good omen.


The Royal Theatre is charming. It's a proper traditional theatre from the period when architects liked their buildings ornimental. As we settled in to our front row centre seats ( courtesy of S) we realised we were going to have one helluva view.


For more of Jane's review, click on the link:

 Some Enchanted Evening. West Cliff Theatre, Clacton. 16th August 2015 

by: Jane W


Reporting in from Clacton.


The last time we were here in Clacton it rained so hard that some bloke on the pier started gathering up pairs of animals. This time the sun shone down and Noah was not needed. Hurrah!


KK and I made the llooonnggg train journey from Bradford to Ipswich where we met with our favourite non-fan, Julie. After a very quick change Julie drove us to Clacton.


As we parked up I noticed the firedoors of the theatre were wide open. I could just hear the sound of music (no not ‘The Sound of Music’ - oh you know what I mean) coming from inside. “Sound check” I whispered to my companions.


Out of the two of them - KK the stalwart fan and Julie who isn't - which one of them do you think, made as if to go through the firedoors?




So after we got Julie away from the theatre we had a very pleasant wander  along Clacton prom (much nicer in the sunshine) and on to the pier (I was brought up in Blackpool. I sneer at other town's piers).

 Some Enchanted Evening. Bedworth Civic Hall. 19th July 2015 

by: Jane W


It was an early start on Sunday morning.  Although Bedworth is about as far north as Lee will come this year, the Sunday trains meant my friend and I had a circuitous journey from up north, but other than having to change in Birmingham and leap a huge gap onto the train it was pretty uneventful.


We met with J and D-of-the-Red-Wedding-Dress at our hotel in Nuneaton and J kindly drove us to our dinner rendezvous with the others. Three of my friends had been on holiday and thoughtfully bought us souvenir pens.


Now our dinner experience was memorable for not actually containing a meal. Despite having booked the table before hand, the pub said we'd have to wait 45 mins for food. We would not have time to eat.

J (who assured us she is NOT a Lee fan) kindly bought us all chocolate rabbits. They would have to suffice until after the show.


Bedworth Civic Hall is a wonderful venue for those on the front row as the stage is no higher than a steep step. You feel as though you could reach out and touch the performer (though I imagine that the theatre staff would say something if you tried :-)).


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