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Musical Theatre

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2022  CHICAGO Tour

31 MAY - 04 JUNE 2022 - Empire Theatre, Sunderland

14 - 18 JUNE 2022 - Theatre Royal, Plymouth

20 - 25 JUNE 2022 - New Theatre, Cardiff

28 JUNE - 02 JULY 2022 - Winter Gardens, Blackpool

 05 - 09 JULY 2022 - Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield

11 - 16 JULY 2022 - Theatre Royal, Norwich

18 - 23 JULY 2022 - New Theatre, Oxford

25 - 30 JULY 2022 - Venue Cymru, Llandudno


2019  Someone To Watch Over Me 
2019 STWOM 2.png

Click photo for the

2016 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the Musical

 Memories of Legally Blonde – Lee's Opening Night 20th June 2011 

Lee Mead in Legally Blonde on Meadaholics

Screenshots  Credit/QVC shopping channel

by: Angel Rose


I looked down and there was Lee! Mum and I were the very first members of the public to see him play Emmett Forrest on the West End stage! How COOL is that for Heaven’s Sake?! (Ok, so it was only by about twenty minutes and only briefly, but it’s still history, right?! I’m claiming so anyway.)


He looked STUNNING! The curls from above, in a spotlight! There are no words. My tummy did a flip and I truly don’t know HOW I didn’t gasp. My mind went ‘Mead-Mushed’ and I honestly don’t remember when in the show they were rehearsing, sorry! I do remember whispering ‘Break a leg, Lee Sweetheart’ under my breath though...

 Wicked Review.July 2010. London 

AngelRose has a stunning review of the successful West End production of 'Wicked', and wouldn't you just know, it's when

Lee was playing the part of Prince Fiyero; that was lucky wasn't it?


To get a flavour of the show, and some insight into just how Breeches should be worn follow the link!


Lee Mead in wicked on Meadaholics

 Photo credit: Tristram Kenton

        'Wicked the Musical'

 Wicked Stage Door.Oct 2010. London 

Lee Mead at the stage door in wicked on Meadaholics

Hey! I've read all of the Up close & personal stories, and FINALLY it's my turn to tell one!!!I'm from Norway, and first time i saw Lee was in Joseph two years ago. I totally fell in love with him, and joined LMAS the day after I came home from London. Since that I've seen hundreds of youtube-videos with him, and i have both of his cd's.I just came back from London now, and i saw Wicked twice. (i've seen it two times earlier, but when Lee is in it you gotta see it, heehee), and after one of the shows (5th October) I went to the stage door to take a pic with him. We talked for a bit before he had to go. I guess he wanted to go home to Betsy :)And just a little fun fact: LMAS is actually the reason for why I started a fanclub for a norwegian actor, and the fan club is really big in Norway now.- Astrid, 17 Oslo


 Lord Arthur Savile's Crime. Feb 2010 

Stage door

by: Toni


At 8am on the morning of our LASC trip I had arranged for a chimney sweep to visit my house to clean our chimney. From this day I will

always hold men of this profession with the highest regard for what

they say about chimney sweeps and good luck rubbing off (chim

chimney chim chimney and all that) is quite obviously patently true,

as I’m sure you’ll agree when you read this.

Photo credit: LASC/Production Photos 

Lee Mead in joseph dressing room on Meadaholics

 Joseph May 2008. London 

This is my account of my recent meet with Lee! David and I had tickets for the matinee performance on 24th May and were fortunate to be invited to see Lee in his dressing room after the show! But first I feel that I should share a little about the show, David had been looking forward to it for ages and was really excited when he saw the photos from the show outside the theatre! Dell looked at our tickets on the door and David proudly told him that he ‘was here to see Lee Mead!’ at which point Del smiled and said for David to wave at Lee for him too!

The show was note perfect throughout and I truly believe that Lee sang ‘Close Every Door’ the best he has ever sang it!


 But before he did, a little voice sitting to my left was heard shouting as the prison bars descended towards the stage: ‘Lee run!’ which was a wonderful piece of advice from David and caused the people around us to chuckle!!

David was mesmerised from start to finish and spontaneously got up to dance and clap his way through the Megamix it was wonderful to watch! He LOVED it!! He also LOVED being showered by confetti and insisted on taking some pieces home to show Daddy! Which of course we did! But both of us knew the best was yet to come, our meeting with Lee in his dressing room! We made our way to the Stage Door and walked in. The lady on security look most disbelievingly when I said that we had a meeting with Lee – but she phoned up and said that we were there and Lee said to come straight up which we did! Whilst waiting for Lee on the landing outside his dressing room, Jenna appeared still in her robe following the performance. She said hello and David darted behind me half scared to death! But she won him round by talking to him and being totally lovely with him! She really is a beautiful person and chatted easily with us whilst we waited for Lee!Once Lee was ready, we made our way into his dressing room and unlike with Jenna, David was totally relaxed as Lee met me with a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek and it wasn’t long before David made himself at home on Lee’s lap and chatting away like old friends. I won’t bore you with the details of the conversation but it revolved around Indiana Jones, High School Musical and the performance today! Lee and David were having a great time. But the highlight for me was the sing-along. David sang to Lee ‘Twinkle, Twinkle. Little Star’ and Lee tried to get him to sing along to ‘Any Dream Will Do’ which he did but with a little more embarrassment! But to be there with Lee and my youngest son with the GO singing to us was wonderful and something I will remember for some time! After that we chatted some more about the show and about his change of agents and about fundraising it was lovely and very much a privilege! Time flew and it was soon time for us to go and with another hug and kiss for both David and me, we left, very much on a high! With great memories and some great photos too! (Donna - originator of this website!)

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